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By , February 3, 2016

Lamberto BallanI am an Assistant Professor (tenure track) of Computer Science at University of Padova, Italy. Previously, I was a senior post-doctoral researcher at Stanford University – AI Lab – and Univ. of FlorenceMICC, supported by a prestigious Marie Curie Fellowship from the European Commission under the FP7-2013-IOF programme.

I got my Ph.D. in computer engineering, multimedia and telecommunication in 2011 and my Laurea degree in computer engineering in 2006, both from the Univ. of Florence (Italy). I also spent a quarter at the Signal and Image Processing department at Telecom ParisTech (France) in 2010.

My research interests lie at the boundary of Computer Vision and Multimedia. The main focus of my current research is on designing learning algorithms that make the most effective use of contextual knowledge in presence of sparse and noisy labels, such as in the case of web data. Some examples are automatic image/video annotation, large-scale visual recognition, web mining, social media analysis.

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