New papers on image tagging and webly-supervised action recognition

By , July 21, 2017

Our paper “Automatic Image Annotation via Label Transfer in the Semantic Space”, by T. Uricchio, myself, L. Seidenari and A. Del Bimbo, has been accepted for publication in Pattern Recognition and is now available online. It is an extended version of our KCCA-based tag propagation model presented in our ICMR’14 paper, containing more experiments and a novel tag denoising procedure.

A few days later, our paper “Learning without Prejudice: Avoiding Bias in Webly-Supervised Action Recognition” has been also accepted for publication in Computer Vision and Image Understanding (CVIU) and is now available online. Here we present a (fully) webly-supervised model for action recognition in videos. This is a joint work with F. Tombari and C. Rupprecht from TUM (Germany).

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