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I am always looking for motivated Ph.D./Master (LM) and visiting students. Please drop me an email if interested.

Ph.D. students

  1. Pasquale Coscia, 2016.4 – now (Visiting Scholar at U PadovaU Campania)


Former students

Ph.D. students

  1. Tiberio Uricchio, 2012.12 – 2015.11 (U Florence)
    Tiberio is recipient of the U. Florence Best Ph.D. Thesis Award 2016   
    [Facebook post]
    [now postdoc at Univ. of Florence, Italy]
  2. Francesco Castaldo, 2015.5-2015.11 (Visiting Scholar at Stanford / U Campania)
    [now system engineer at Leonardo, Milan, Italy]

Master students (Laurea Magistrale)

  1. Alessio Antonielli, 2014.10 (Univ. of Florence)
  2. Claudio Tortorici, 2013.12 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now research assistant at Khalifa University, UAE]
  3. Alessio Bazzica, 2012.11 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now software engineer at GoogleStockholm, Sweden]
  4. Tiberio Uricchio, 2012.10 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now postdoc at Univ. of Florence, Italy]
  5. Benito Zaccone, 2012.04 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now CEO at Intuendi srl, Florence, Italy]
  6. Andrea M. Serain, 2012.04 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now software engineer at IBM, Florence, Italy]
  7. Luca Del Tongo, 2011.07 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now software development manager at Visia Imaging, S. Giovanni Valdarno, Italy]
  8. Gianluca Franchi, 2010.04 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
  9. Filippo Amendola, 2009.09 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
  10. Lorenzo Seidenari, 2008.12 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now senior postdoc at Univ. of Florence, Italy]
  11. Arjun Jain, 2007.10-2008.08
    [now postdoc at New York University, USA]

Undergraduate students (Laurea Triennale)

  1. Giulia Fontanini, 2012.10 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now computer vision and machine learning engineer at Fashwell, Zurich, CH]
  2. Michael Francalanci, 2011.12 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now web and mobile developer at Favoroute, Amsterdam, NL]
  3. Alessio Bazzica, 2008.09 (Univ. of Florence) [PDF]
    [now software engineer at Google, Stockholm, Sweden]

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